In summary Selchem don't reproduce technology we redefine it! For companies looking for forward progression, Selchem Coatings will position your business with technology designed for tomorrow today. In respect to price there are but few who can compete despite our definitive technology edge. "Selchem, living the future today!"
German Technology   Permanent Coatings “Selchem Coatings are about re-defining coating technology, not simulating what already exists!”

Selchem Dampchem 5000

R 650 per 5 litres

Selchem Coatings Coastal produce an all in one roof, wall and interior coating.

Be it Selchem DampChem 5000 or DampChem 5500, the outcome will guarantee

only one thing: permanency.

I'm doubtful that an estate developer, house owner can hold claim to a single building no matter

how new or how old to which at some stage has not fallen prey to the cancer of rising lateral or

rising damp.

In all earnestly most of you reading this article had tried several attempts to eradicate the prob-

lem but to no avail.

The reason for failure is most commonly that damp sealants make use of old age latex, or bitu-

men-based binders as a solution to which all by now know will only prove temporary.

Selchem Coatings utilise a revolutionary blended polymer combination that utilised none of the

latter. As a company, Selchem as a commonly known saying 'if a product already exists don't

touch it, Selchem is about redefining technology not reproducing what already exists'

The Selchem damp proofing range is not only revolutionary, but it's also engineered to be non-

complex in application.