In summary Selchem don't reproduce technology we redefine it! For companies looking for forward progression, Selchem Coatings will position your business with technology designed for tomorrow today. In respect to price there are but few who can compete despite our definitive technology edge. "Selchem, living the future today!"
German Technology   Permanent Coatings “Selchem Coatings are about re-defining coating technology, not simulating what already exists!”

Despite paint manufacturers claiming they have warrantied roof coatings that have life expectancy ran-

ging from anything from 5 to 20 years, we all know that roof coatings don't come close to these war-

ranties, prior to warranty due date, fading occurs in most cases within the first 5 years.

Roof coatings are made from acrylic or thermoplastic acrylic, the same technology has been utilised for

over a century, with that in mind quality changes have been minimal, if any.

Selchem are specialists in blended polyurethane, think of an automobile, up until the 1990's the only

technology available was nitrocellulose and acrylic, hence car paints faded within the first 6 to 12


In 1990, Selchem was largely responsible for the launch of 2k polyurethane, a total new technology, the

same technology utilised today, leaving a vehicles life expectancy to last longer than the motor vehicle.

In short, only revolutionary breakthroughs in technology will be responsible for revolutionary leaps in a

coatings performance. Selchem Coatings making that very breakthrough in 2010, a paint that truly las-

ted as long as a motor vehicle coating.

Selchem Roofchem 3000

R 1 290 per 20 litres

Selchem Coatings Coastal produce an all in one roof, wall and interior coating.


Selchem RoofChem 3000 and Roofchem 3500 a world first patented technology since 2010.  Roofchem 3000 Tile  and Roofchem 3500 IBR.