In summary Selchem don't reproduce technology we redefine it! For companies looking for forward progression, Selchem Coatings will position your business with technology designed for tomorrow today. In respect to price there are but few who can compete despite our definitive technology edge. "Selchem, living the future today!"
German Technology   Permanent Coatings “Selchem Coatings are about re-defining coating technology, not simulating what already exists!”

All Selchem retail coatings products make use of

patented world first technology.


Selchem Terms &


In order for selchem warranties to be upheld .Selchem coatings must be used as a complete system. Selchem coatings are to be utilized by a qualified artisan only. Ensure that the technical and safety data sheets are stringently adhered to. All products data sheets are available on the Selchem product containers or on the website. Products composition (Chemical Structure) may change without notice, due to various reasons, such as environmental, technologies etc. The implemented content of all products and safety data sheets are to our knowledge considered accurate. Should you experience any discrepancies or errors please contact us -