In summary Selchem don't reproduce technology we redefine it! For companies looking for forward progression, Selchem Coatings will position your business with technology designed for tomorrow today. In respect to price there are but few who can compete despite our definitive technology edge. "Selchem, living the future today!"
German Technology   Permanent Coatings “Selchem Coatings are about re-defining coating technology, not simulating what already exists!”

All Selchem retail coatings products make use of

patented world first technology.


Who is Selchem

SELCHEM (Selkon Chemicals) Selchem Coatings is the retail division of Selchem Project Coatings. Selchem (Selkon Chemicals) is the South African inventor of the world's first permanent polyurethane decorative paint coating. Selchem's revolutionary coatings includes a permanent non-fading wall and roof coating along with being the first company in history to provide a permanent solution to rising parapit and lateral damp in belated damp plaster. Selchem is seen as dictating the evolution of modern technology; decorative interior, exterior, industrial, commercial & floor coatings.
Selchem has 9 different companies that form part of the Holdings Group, with paint coatings representing over 75% of its total revenue. Selchem Coatings is broken into two divisions namely; Project coatings and Retail coatings. Project coatings: Project coatings are taylor produced coatings formulated through Selchem laboratories for companies who face unique challenges, where catalogue coating companies are not able to provide solutions for their unique environment, be it for structural steel rust, rising damp, acid resistant coatings, insect repellent coatings, fire retardants, along with a host of others. Selchem covers a vast array of industry sectors ranging from hotel/casino, housing estates, agricultural, food and beverage as well as structural steel, to name but a few. Retail coatings: Selchem retail coatings are manufactured to provide for permanent coating solutions. Selchem does not reproduce existing technology, for this reason all our products are patented. It therefore would come as no surprise that Selchem produce coatings for some of the world's largest corporates on an exclusive basis. The other 25% of Selchem. Selchem, through the years initially outsourced many of its services, such as its IT hardware/ software , programing, courier services, staff vehicles, aviation services, solvent supply and brokerage. Selchem made the descion rather than outsourcing, to aquire these companies and operate them as independent self owned enterprises operating under the Selchem Holdings banner. These include, Solvent Technologies, Selchem IT Solutions, Africa Wide Fleet Services, Used Car Rental, Selchem Aviation, ABMS Management Solutions and Selchem Brokers. Silhouette Yachts being the only company to fall into the group us purely because of the C.E.O's passion for yachting. Although these companies are allied to Selchems core Coating business, they are driven with the same passion and growth expectation.